Heavy ¾” inch thick back plate of A-36 steel

The adjustable arm brackets are 1”inch thick with precision drilled holes

The outrigger arms are ¼” inch thick rectangular tubing with ½” plate reinforced

The winch cover is 10 gage steel with automatic work light enclosed

12-volt work lamp with automatic on/off switch

Tough ductile iron feet (74 lb each) with 30 teeth to grip roadway – Works great on ice too

Stainless steel striker plates and screws to prevent rust

Full 1” inch diameter pins throughout the machine with grease fittings

Modified cable enclosure holds 300% more cable so on side pulls cable can be wound on one side
without binding

Heavy duty side rollers with brass bushings

24” inches of brass bushings with grease fittings in every machine

Heavy duty cable tensioner

The heavy duty cylinders have 1 ½” inch diameter shafts

HD 9000 model is powered by a 9000 lb WARN planetary winch

Unit weighs approximately 800 lbs and is painted with safety yellow paint

1 ¾” inch cutout holes in back plate to encircle any existing bolts or rivets on outside of your frame

Three bar attaching system with grade 8 bolts require no drilling or welding on your truck frame

Wireless remote control

If 12 volt electric power is lost feet can be manually raised and winch line released

Fully assembled electric control box - (mounts inside cab under back glass)

The Rollback Frame Simulator allows us to custom fit the unit to your current truck – (no arm
adjustments necessary)

(The adjustments are for mounting on future trucks of different heights)


Plasma cut ROLLBACK SIDEWINDER steel sign

Special welded grade 70 chain with mini J hooks

3/8” inch galvanized aircraft cable with 14,000 lbs. breaking strength with double grab hook

US Patent No. US 7828270B2
Canadian Patent No. 2,408,025

Customer Required Labor Inside Cab

1.        You are required to mount the fully assembled electric control box inside the cab.
2.        Run hot wire and ground wire to/from battery to control box.  (wires and fuses included)

Customer Required Labor Mounting Sidewinder Unit

1.        Mount sidewinder unit on frame with the attaching straps and bolts.
2.        Replace return hose from valve body at rear of truck with high pressure hose to
sidewinder unit.  Then install return hose from sidewinder unit to fluid tank.
3.        Connect the male wiring plug that comes from inside the cab to the female plug on the
4.        Check all functions on the remote.

Complete installation guide comes with each unit.